About Us

Who We Are

We are a global technology product development & software services company headquartered in New Jersey USA with offices in USA and India. We have built several complex systems most of them from ground up. MANTRA has a proven track record in helping clients achieve their technology goals. Please read the glowing recommendations from our current and past clients who have benefitted in placing the trust in our technology leadership.

MANTRA believes in collaborative efforts with the client’s business team and is one of the reasons we believe we are so successful.

The products we develop are intuitive, easy to use and innovative. We are also cost effective – quality and cost effectiveness is a truly rare combination something MANTRA creates with confidence, energy and elan.

Our leadership team is committed to providing the best value for you, our customers and being your true partners in technology.

Our technical team is constantly moving the bar upwards with what can be achieved through technical innovation and entrepreneurial enterprise.

Founders Bio

Aswin Raj

Founder, CEO and CTO of MANTRA.

is an entrepreneur, Technology Expert and co-owner of two patents (USPTO) who has spearheaded multiple product developments at MANTRA including GeoPulze and Kind Compliance System, a compliance product for Receivables industry. He was the technical architect for Tricap Technologies whose flagship product ARxChange has processed several Billions of dollars in hospital debt files. Under his technical leadership MANTRA implemented a Gender Based Violence Referral System for Ministry of Gender Affairs, Republic of Botswana in association with USAID and MEASURE. He has also successfully lead complex Identity Management solutions for huge corporations. Aswin has over 20+ years experience in Information Technology and specializes in enterprise product design and development, web architecture, web services, interoperability, data manipulation and analysis and internet security.

Aswin has an MBA from the Stern School of Business at New York University and a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from UVCE Bangalore.

When not working on technology, Aswin loves to make artisanal pizzas from scratch and have friends and family over for an elaborate pizza party. He also loves to bake bread and experiment with South Indian delicacy called Dosas. He is an avid swimmer and plays badminton to stay fit. Aswin likes to play games on his Xbox and iPad too.

Radha Raghunathan

Co-Founder and COO of MANTRA.

is an entrepreneur and co-owner of two patents(USPTO). who has executed several large scale projects for different industries. She specializes in Data Warehousing, direct marketing, business analysis, data analytics, Mobility apps and project management. At MSI, among other things, she oversaw the development and implementation of asset classes trading, an application which has processed several Billions of dollars in hospital debt files. She also oversaw implementation of Gender Based Violence Referral System for Ministry of Gender Affairs, Republic of Botswana in association with USAID and MEASURE. Prior to this she was a Senior Project Manager at Fulcrum Analytics responsible for design, implementation and operationalizing of huge data warehouses geared towards sophisticated direct marketing campaigns and data and business analytics. While at Fulcrum she successfully managed deliverables and provided high quality marketing campaign operations for clients such as Luxottica, International Trucks and Engines, Roche Diagnostics, Jenny Craig and Orange(UK). She has also served as Database Administrator at General Electric and data analyst at Millennium Pharmaceuticals.

She has a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering from College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University.

Radha loves America’s National Parks and would like to visit as many as possible. She also likes to explore and learn more about the fascinating ecosystem of the Atlantic Coast. She is an avid reader and has lost count of the number of times she has followed a particularly pesky Hitchhiker across the Galaxy. Oh and she loves to have our founder’s pizzas and dosas.