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In today’s business climate where social media and the subsequent information exchange reign supreme, MANTRA’s GeoPulze revolutionizes currently available survey channels for capture and dissemination of information. GeoPulze will provide you with constant real-time feedback about your products and services. It is imperative for businesses to efficiently and effectively target their customer base. GeoPulze is steps above current survey applications in the market place allowing you to control parameters and timing of the survey based on customer’s Geo location and by providing a seamless HandOff feature! Coming loaded with features not seen in any of the survey products currently in the market GeoPulze is a true industry changer.

GeoPulze SBuilder - The easiest survey builder tool on the planet - Period. Try us and you will be hooked.

GeoPulze BlockIt – GeoPulze introduces buildable question blocks that you can user and reuse with a simple drag and drop feature.

Geo-push - Ability to push surveys to the user's mobile or email

GeoPulze PulzeFence – Activate surveys on customers device based on GeoFence. This feature dramatically increases efficiency in targeted marketing and surveys

Handoff feature - A true mark of innovation that is behind MANTRA’s products, we anticpated the need for this feature before it became a thing in today’s technology products. This allows the survey to seamlessly continue from where the customer left off and whichever device – mobile phone, desktop, laptop or tablet

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CMS for Cascade Receivables LLC

A company dealing with non-performing and illiquid accounts receivables has to abide by several different protocols such as HIPAA, FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA and GLBA Compliance Management System developed for Cascade Financials, provides an end to end solution that is industry tested and provides an intuitive, innovative and easy to use system that increases productivity multi-fold, cuts down on manual operations and errors and keeps your operation perpetually in compliance. Product provides the following features Multi-pronged approach Vendor and Agency Management Complaints and Disputes Tracking and Resolution Lawsuit Tracking and Resolution Maintenance of Licenses and other legal documents Fast, Secure and Robust Document Management System Media sharing and procurement system Reporting on KPIs based on the type of users Exceptions Reporting Analytics – Data stratification to provide insight to the stakeholders .

Client Products Spotlight

Patient Receivables Marketplace

MANTRA Solutions architected and implemented the next-generation analytics solution for Tricap Technology Group whose product ARxChange is the first Centralized Patient Receivables Market place which provides

  • Faster, easier, smarter patient receivables analytics
  • Centralized, transparent patient receivables market place
  • Breakthrough patient receivables performance
  • Receivables clearing house with pre grouped investment grade performace microsegments
  • Data guided medical debt settlement

ARxChange helps Health Systems make sense of their patient AR value more immediately and delivers a range of performance options tailored to their needs. It also uncovers insights more quickly, more easily, and more intelligently, and delivers them across multiple platforms and devices that are tailored for CFOs, VPs of Revenue Cycle, and PFS Directors. The breakthrough product has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and numerous other publications

Gender Based Violence Referral System

Ministry of Gender Affairs, Botswana

Over two thirds of women in Botswana have experienced some form of gender violence in their life time and nearly one third admitted to experiencing Intimate Partner Violence in the 12 months prior (Ref-UNPFA Study). The study also found that most Gender Based Violence went unreported (only 1.2% of Botswana women actually reported their case to the police), showing that women had lost faith in the prevailing system. Gender Based Violence Referral System(GBVRS) is a mobile based referral system that has been developed by MANTRA, MEASURE, USAID and Gender Affairs Department of Republic of Botswana, to provide monitoring and evaluation of GBVR services.

The system’s main purpose is to provide a platform to connect local service providers such as police personnel, hospitals, councelors, legal aid providers, educators etc. with GBV survivors. It also monitors and evaluates the referral system using mobile phones and web based application. The referral system is designed to collect high-quality data, through mobile application integration which pre-populates fields for client and service/service provider identification.

. Digital application also ensures that data can be stored and analyzed and made available for stakeholders in predetermined forms and reports, allowing them to measure the effectiveness of GBVRS in their areas of responsibility. The application is designed to provide the stakeholders at the national and community levels as well as individual service providers, an easy access to pertinent information. It has also been designed with expansion in mind, including eventual scale-up of the system nationally.