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Product Development

At MANTRA, we are first and foremost entrepreneurs, always teeming with ideas - ideas that make a mark in the business world and in extension the real world. We have a very experienced product management team that successfully maneuvers the entire lifecycle of product development from conception, design and development to testing and marketing.

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IT Consulting

For over ten years, MANTRA has helped develop sound IT Strategies for clients to achieve their technology objectives. MANTRA builds robust, flexible, efficient IT solutions and products that are innovative and revoluntionary. All business owners accept that a robust IT strategy is paramount. MANTRA will be your trusted IT partner as we have been for our satisfied clients from various business domains.

MANTRA has the world class talent and expertise to formulate an end-to-end strategy to transform and align your business needs with IT solutions.

At MANTRA we pride ourselves on the time and cost effective customized solutions that address client’s functional gaps and helps them achieve their business goals. Clients are looking for effective solutions that increase efficiency of operations, provides clarity through technology, provides insight into KPIs that they can use to better their services to their clients. At MANTRA we provide scalable architecture that yields incredible improvements in efficiency based on sound IT technology selected for your business needs.

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Open Source Discovery

We analyze your business needs and correlate it with technology stack to come up with the best open source platform most aligned with your needs.

We use our expertise to accelerate product development and leverage our open source knowledge repertoire to provide huge cost savings.

Every project begins with thorough requirement gathering to identify functional gaps in your business that can be transformed by technology adoption. We have a team of world class professionals exceptional in data and business analysis who provide their expertise and input.

We follow this with evaluation and recommendation on open source adoption and choosing the best technology stack and architecture.

Data Analytics

MANTRA’s proprietary software helps clients visualize their data and provides a dashboard that allows them to slice and dice the data to the minute level of detail and provide valuable business critical insights.

Our team has extensive experience working with data and transforming it into information that creates an edge to our customers. It can be overwhelming and challenging for companies to deal with data from disparate sources with wildly varying file formats and complex data dictionary information and terminology. Our seasoned team has worked with incredibly complex formats and volumes of data. We can help improve efficiency, operationalize and augment with external demographic information to provide clear stratified information that provides great clarity and acuity to the business user.

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